This is what happened to me when I became free of one of my blocks.


For a decade, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to publish my work and have it out there for people to read. I wanted to make a difference with what I wrote, but for a decade I did nothing with this dream. The reason I couldn’t move forward on this path, is because I was held back by an anchor. My subconscious mind was fighting me. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I really started digging deeper into the self-development world, that changed. I started seeing how many people were living their dreams. I saw that and started to wonder. I started to question why I was not doing as they were and what made us different. Soon I came to the realization that I had a belief, telling me that dreams were something nice to look forward to, but not have. To see, but not touch. Through becoming more aware, I came to the knowledge that we all have grown up with these limiting beliefs. At that point I made a choice, I was not going to hold on to a belief that was holding me from what I really wanted. I knew that belief was false and began working to clear it away. In my case, awareness was the biggest key to unlocking my dream. Just being aware all but cleared this belief away! Awareness is powerful! Once I finished clearing away this anchor, that decade long dream came to a head and in a year and a half, I published five books! Astounding things happen when you become clear, miracles even! You really can have what you want in this life and that comes from becoming clear of your anchors.