I am a lover of pasta. If it's involved, then I am very likely to be as well. To counteract this vice and keep from becoming a blimp, I took up some sports and weight lifting. And if there is some warm, not hot, competition in those sports, then all the better. I don't often show it, but in secret I am quite competitive. 


Becoming a mindset coach really started I served a two year tracting mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, though I didn't realize it yet. While on this mission, I was able to help many people change their lives and that made me want to do something that involved change, as a career if possible. Seeing people change, reach their goals and succeed in their endeavors, was amazing and I wanted more of it. I went and did some therapy schooling for a while, but from  what I saw, it wasn't quite my fit. Therapists do help people, but not in the way i wanted to. That being the case, I started working at a company, RVs of America. My boss there, along with all the other employees, were amazing. The owner had created an environment of self improvement. Every morning he would bring everyone together to have someone share a self improvement thoughts. My boss had done some life coaching and one day when I was talking to him about being a therapist, he told me that I didn't want to be one of them, but that I wanted to be a life coach. I had never heard of this before and learned more about them. After a relatively short time, I decided that he was right, I did want to be a life coach.

From the time I found out about life coaches, I veraciously devoured all I could in the self development world, to train me to become a life coach. Before long I began life coaches on the side while I worked. It was clear that I wasn't invested into the dealership and my boss told me I should chase my passions, so that is exactly what I did.

Since then, I have written several books and coached hundreds of people. I've worked with  some of the top life coaching companies in the world; Achieve Today and Go Pro, the foremost among them. I truly love helping people who have a desire and are excited to leave the life of mediocrity behind.